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Updated Fri. 19th Dec.

Santa’s runway is currently looking very good for takeoff procedures Image courtesy – Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to the 13th update on the chances of a White Xmas for 2014.  Here is the latest on the chances of seeing a few flakes falling on the big day.


It still looks like a colder plunge from the Northwest looks to coincide around Xmas day. However, pressure may be somewhat higher than what I had been thinking on my last update 7 days ago. This pressure rise will hamper the risk of wintry showers, which are our only hope of seeing a few flakes of snow falling on Xmas day. Also, as mentioned in my last update, pressure may try to rise from the South, and this would regulate how quick colder air from the NW can prevail south.


Untitled plxmDue to the above, I have lowered the chances somewhat of seeing a few snow flakes fall on the big day for all areas. Again, northern & northwestern areas get the best chance, while southern areas get a slight chance. The chance of seeing lying snow on Xmas Day virtually remains at a low to zero chance.



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