White Christmas 2014 – Chances of Snow this Christmas

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Updated Sun. 16th Nov.

The 6th update sees an improvement in the chances of blocking patterns over eastern Europe this coming Winter. Currently, a strong blocking high is building east from over the continent and seeing this occurring now, certainly increases the chances of seeing it during December and over Xmas.


While the high will not bring cold weather immediately, you can be sure that such a set up would be quite cold over the festive season if it were to occur. One thing to note though, is that, if a continental high do become present around the Xmas period, while these highs can bring cold & snow easterly winds, pressure could become quite high over the UK & Ireland, and this could lead to dry cold & frosty conditions for most. However though, I think that there is a much higher chance than average of at least some parts, seeing snow fall on Xmas Day.


I haven’t changed the chances since the last update. They remain at a higher than average chance of at least seeing a few flakes falling on the big day. For my latest full thoughts on the coming weeks, and more discussion on the signs that are pointing towards a colder than average Winter, see here.

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