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Updated Sun. 23th Nov.
christmas-315661_640Hello all, welcome to the 7th update on the chances of a White Xmas for 2014. This update is based on the current run of patterns. It increases the chances for the eastern UK but decreases the chances for W/SW Ireland & SW Britain.


There are still some good signals for a colder than average season ahead, but some signals that a milder Atlantic based Winter may be on the cards too. However, it seems that the colder signals are slightly out numbering the milder ones.


Click to enlrgeA trend seems to be setting up ,where high pressure to the East stays close enough to occasionally feed in easterly winds across the UK, but these never prevailing well west, out into the Atlantic. Seeing this set up now makes it a good candidate for late December and if this set up occurred, it would be favorable for eastern and southeastern areas to see the highest chances of a white one.


So again, a higher than average chance of a colder winter season ahead rather than a high chance, and we will raise the chances of a While Xmas a little for eastern areas while dropping the chances back to around average for western & southwestern areas. Overall, it remains at a higher than average chance of at least seeing a few flakes falling on the big day.


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