White Christmas – The Chances of a White Christmas

 UK & Ireland

Chances of a White Christmas 2015




Friday. 25th Dec. 2015


First of all, Reality Weather would like to wish each and everyone of you a happy, wonderful and safe Christmas 2015. We acknowledge that some of you have been severely affected by bad weather recently and we can only try to imagine what it must have been like for some. We wish you the very best of luck, and as speedy of a recovery as possible. May Christmas be the best possible in the current circumstances for those of you that have been affected. Wishing a Very Merry Xmas to you all from us all here at Reality Weather.


s yellowBeware of the risk of some icy patches or stretches on roads in places of both the UK & Irl on Xmas morning, especially where wintry showers have fallen overnight or roads are still damp from recent rain.




Ireland / N. Irl: A cold start with frost in many inland areas away from the southern half of the country where cloud will be increasing with rain pushing in. Bright & Sunny spells further north at first but cloud increasing from the south all the while with heavy rain affecting much of the S & SE and showery outbreaks of rain, some heavy, gradually pushing north to affect all areas. Some may fall as sleet or wet snow for a short time in the east north of Wicklow.  The heaviest of the rain will be in the S & SE but will clear to showery outbreaks of rain which will be continuing for most other areas. Southerly winds becoming strong & gusty in southern areas but moderate to fresh easterly winds further north. Remaining chilly in northern areas through the day but becoming very mild in the South.

Showery outbreaks of rain continuing into the night but gradually dying out in northern & western areas while further south & east could see further heavy falls. Strong and gusty winds continuing in southern areas with a risk of storm-force gusts in the SW for a time and winds veering S/SW in northern areas too and becoming fresh to strong.


s yellowUK Mainland / Isles:
Showers for western Scotland & the Isles to start which will fall as snow inland Scotland. Some rain beginning to push into Wales & the SW through the morning. Mainly dry to start elsewhere with a few bright & sunny spells but cloud increasing from the SW all the while. Outbreaks of rain in the SW will gradually be advancing NE to affect many areas by the end of the day but not reaching Scotland until night. Southern & eastern areas will escape with very little while the northern half of both Wales & England could see prolonged heavy falls. Some sleet & snow on the highest ground of northern England. Very cold for Scotland with temps struggling to 0 or a little above in central areas but rising somewhat as you move to the coasts.Northern England sees around 3 to 6 degrees but becoming very mild further S & SW. Fresh to strong SW winds in eastern Scotland to start but these easing early. Mainly a S/SW flow elsewhere; light to moderate further north, moderate to fresh towards the SE but becoming very strong and gusty for Wales & the West, especially the SW.

s amberSW winds will become stormy for Wales & the West and parts of Northern England overnight while easterly winds may become stormy for N & NW Scotland & The Western Isles. Becoming mainly dry Friday Night in southern areas but for northern Wales, northern England and southern Scotland, some prolonged falls of heavy rain will occur and these may well lead to problems with flooding. Spells of heavy rain will affect many other parts of Scotland too & flooding problems could well occur in northwestern areas and parts of The Western Isles, especial further north The precipitation will fall as snow in many inland areas of central and the northern half of Scotland, possibly bringing blizzard like conditions across higher ground and the risk of drifting snow. Significant, possibly severe windchill in these areas also.

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