White Christmas – The Chances of a White Christmas

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Chances of a White Christmas 2015



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chances of a white christmas 2015Christmas is closing in & as we know, once November turns, it’s never far away. It is a little too early to for precision forecasting for X-mas. However, we will try and get a good picture what the weather patterns may be like in late December and of what the chances of a White Christmas are in the meantime, while having a little bit of fun.






Updated Weds. 25th Nov.

winter-buttonchances of a white christmas 1Hi all, welcome to this week’s update on the chances of a White Christmas. Unfortunately I can’t see any solid hints that would allow me to raise the chances since the last update but we can be optimistic.

There’s still a considerable chance of a possible cold plunge from the N/NW coinciding with Christmas Day but also, there’s some hints of high pressure trying to establish itself over Scandinavia but the correlated easterlies may struggle to reach the eastern UK. If this setup develops, and continues for a while, it could mean frequent southwesterlies being steered up across the UK & Ireland. However, there are many scenarios which could still occur and nothing is currently showing the strongest link. Somehow or other, I do think we are going to see big changes as we head through December and I certainly wouldn’t rule out a White Xmas as there’s many ways things could turn yet.

This time last year, we had a fairly clear picture of what was most likely to happen on Xmas Day by this time, but this year is being very difficult for longer range forecasting. I will update again in around 5 days, or earlier if anything of great significance comes to mind. For now, the chances of seeing some of the wonderful white stuff falling on Xmas day remains unchanged for all of the UK & Ireland but December will likely prove interesting in the line of pressure & pattern changes; how this will evolve is difficult to say.