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Will Winter 2014 / 2015 Be Severe Cold ? Latest Thoughts


Wednesday 29th Oct.

Matthew Bradshaw sent in this capture of Iridescence Clouds which he captured in Flamborough during the week. Nice one !

As we turn into the last month of the meteorological Autumn, to begin the calender Winter, several variations of forecasts are beginning to surface for the Winter season ahead, some reasonable and considerably worth taking a look at while others are the ridiculous crap and fairly tales that pop up every year from the usual suspects. After last years wild, mild and stormy season, lots of arrows were pointing at a mild season ahead this year – with the westerlies from the Atlantic dominating. At times, earlier this year, I had some thought that this would be an easy season to forecast and that there would be clear signals of a mild Atlantic season ahead. However, since the start of Autumn, I wasn’t so conv…. continue reading


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